A Common Problem With
Medical Treatment

While traveling to Spain, the father of the founder Mr. Arne Veidung, encountered difficulty in obtaining the essential medication he required, namely the heart medicine Marevan, unaware that its active ingredient is known as Warfarin, resulting in him not receiving the necessary treatment due to the variance in brand names of medications across different countries.



“I would like to see this stupid communication problem, that ultimately can cause deaths, disappear forever” says the inventor of the 

World Medical Card, Arne Veidung

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Our solution is available worldwide on both Web, App Store and Google Play.

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We have served more than 1 million users on our medical solution.

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We are represented in several countries around the world.

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We at The World Medical Card® are proud to have members in more than 27 countries, and we actively work to be able to offer our solution to everyone. Our unique service increases your safety and can save lives by letting you gather your personal and medical information in one place. The World Medical Card® works anywhere in the world.

Trond has more than thirty years of experience in international sales and is a global supply chain management expert. He is a former
executive with Novo Nordisk and KPMG and holds Board positions in a number of European companies.