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World Medical Card provides a unique business solution where employees
can safely store their essential health information. 
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Take additional measures to ensure the well-being of your employees during both business trips and family vacations, making them feel secure and protected. For more information, watch the video below:
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Help your employee reduce the risk of injury and illness with The World Medical Card® Business Solutions. This user-controlled medical record is a great tool. If you have temporary employees in your company, it is important that they can communicate any illnesses, ailments and allergies with you, pharmacies and health personnel.

You never know when your employees will need critical medical information. The World Medical Card® ensures that it is available when it is needed most. Employees post what they think is important and relevant to their digital medical profile that they always have available, both as an app on the phone and as a physical card.

The app also has a one-click call button with their map location that is sent to their emergency contacts on record. The World Medical Card® is a service that complements health insurance, travel/accident insurance, local health and emergency apps.

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