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December 6, 2023 World Medical Card

When time is of the essence

An article about when time is of the essence “…Thank you for your letter concerning the treatment of your mother in our Emergency Department (ED) after she fainted. It took so long as we were in trouble getting sufficient medical information about your mother. If we knew that there was a change in her medication…

December 6, 2023 World Medical Card

Opportunity for travelling

An article about the opportunity for travelling “Window of opportunity”The window of opportunity for travelling has opened again and I suppose many people will use this during the following months. However, certain safety strategies to avoid an infection with covid are still reasonable but other health issues associated with voyaging should be paid attention to,…

December 6, 2023 World Medical Card

On the flight

An article about the challenges of people being on the flight in Europe Today, hundreds of thousands of people are on the flight in Europe. Some of them do not only cross one but several borders on their way to safety and rest. Some of them have chronical illnesses with the need of regular medication…