Maritime Medicine partnership with World Medical Card

Maritime Medicine AS partnership with World Medical Card is a multidisciplinary doctors and health logistics office that specialize in helping visitors to Norway with their health related needs. We can provide most medical and dental services all over Norway through our partners. Get in touch with our team and we organize the help you need prompt and efficiently. 
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Elevate your company’s employee benefits package with the World Medical Card – a powerful tool for safeguarding health and well-being. This innovative card empowers your workforce to securely store crucial health information, ensuring immediate access in times of emergency. Whether in digital or physical form, the World Medical Card puts control in the hands of your employees, offering a comprehensive repository for medical details, allergy documentation, vaccine records, contact information, insurance details, and donor information.

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Experience the unparalleled efficiency of Maritime Medicine AS, fortified by the transformative capabilities of the World Medical Card. While Maritime Medicine AS already boasts an incredible team of healthcare professionals, the integration of the World Medical Card elevates our capabilities to provide even faster and more precise assistance. The World Medical Card acts as a catalyst, enabling our remarkable team to enhance their speed and efficiency, ultimately ensuring that you receive the prompt and precise assistance you deserve.

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Why Choose the World Medical Card?

nlocking exclusive business solutions, the World Medical Card offers a secure platform for employees to store vital health and related information. This ensures accessibility in the event of an emergency, providing a comprehensive solution for safeguarding crucial data.

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