On the flight

An article about the challenges of people being on the flight in Europe

Today, hundreds of thousands of people are on the flight in Europe. Some of them do not only cross one but several borders on their way to safety and rest.

Some of them have chronical illnesses with the need of regular medication (insulin eg) or regular medical procedures (kidney dialysis eg) and some of them have acute diseases (soft tissue infections, Sars- Cov infections/ pneumonia) and of course injuries from the war zone.

They arrive with almost nothing in the central stations of cities in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia or Romania and then travel further to other capitals in Europe.

Often, their next stop has to be the Emergency Dpt. of a hospital nearby.
Here, language problems aggravate the lack of knowledge of their medical condition and medication.

A certain number of refugees arriving in Berlin already received primary medical treatment in Poland.
However, medical reports from Poland have to be translated to German then as well.

I wonder what happened, if Germans or people from other industrialized communities have to flee. Many of these countries already do have emergency medical information and electronic health files available for the treatment in their own country/ health system.

But is this also of help abroad? I assume not and we would face the same problems.

Although war is a very sad and special situation we have to recognize that medical information at best has to deployable internationally and that this information has to be available wherever the person is and should not be restricted to a national health system.

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