Opportunity for travelling

An article about the opportunity for travelling

“Window of opportunity”
The window of opportunity for travelling has opened again and I suppose many people will use this during the following months.

However, certain safety strategies to avoid an infection with covid are still reasonable but other health issues associated with voyaging should be paid attention to, too.

I just read an interesting article covering this

It deals with different chronic illnesses like lung diseases or diabetes and how they might be affected by circadian dysrhythmia or barometric changes during a
flight and offers a lot of practical information how to prevent worsening of preexisting medical problems.

Furthermore, it is recommended that “All travelers with heart disease should carry a copy of a recent electrocardiogram (ECG).
People with pacemakers, implantable defibrillators, or coronary stents should carry a card or doctor’s letter documenting the presence, type, location, and electronic characteristics of the implanted device.
An implanted metal device may trigger an alarm as the person passes through electronic security”.

Read more about World Medical Card

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